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They're funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you're having them.

Eeyore, Pooh's Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne

  • Accidents happen.
  • In apartments, accidents don't even have to be yours to cause you financial loss.
  • Communities which require all residents to carry liability insurance are looking out for your best interests.
  • Make a smart choice and get coverage that meets your needs.
  • You are pre-approved for our convenient, competitive coverage for $129 or less! 

Ashley and her friends were making fried pickles on the stove, the oil got too hot and soon the pan was engulfed in flames. They poured water (bad idea!) on the fire and soon the ceiling was on fire. Sprinklers went off causing water damage to the entire apartment and the neighbor's too. The damage was in excess of $10,000.


Ashley had insurance and only paid her $250 deductible!

Financial disaster averted!

Tiffany was running a bath in preparation for a relaxing study session when there was a knock on her door. She got distracted and ended up down the hall hanging out with friends for about an hour.....
Meanwhile, back in the bathroom....the tub overflowed and flooded her bathroom, her bedroom, leaked through the floor (which is her downstairs neighbor's ceiling) and flooded the downstairs bathroom and bedroom. 
Tiffany had no insurance and her parent's homeowners policy refused to pay because by living full time away from home she was not covered. 
Derek parked his car in the lot at his apartment as he did everyday. The next morning he found his driver's side window smashed in and realized he had left his backpack with laptop and ipad in the passenger seat - and it was gone! He assumed his auto insurance would cover the items - it didn't. He was out $1500 with no cash to replace the items and needs the laptop for school. Big problem. 
Renters Insurance from Multifamily Insurance Partners would have replaced his belongings for as low as $100 out of pocket. Crisis avoided!
Real accidents and incidents happen everyday. Below are just a few recent real life examples of incidents caused by students:
  • Pizza box placed in oven - large kitchen fire
  • Paper airplane lit on fire - extensive fire damage to building roof
  • Smoking materials discarded in trash - entire building destroyed
  • Candle left unattended - entire building destroyed 
These incidents can impact the student, his/her family, roommates, neighbors and the entire community. Liability insurance protects them all. 
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